[openstack-dev] [ALL] Removing generate_uuid() from uuidutils

Zhongyue Luo zhongyue.nah at intel.com
Wed Nov 13 06:07:41 UTC 2013

Hi all,

We had a discussion of the modules that are incubated in Oslo.


One of the conclusions we came to was to deprecate/remove uuidutils in this

The first step into this change should be to remove generate_uuid() from

The reason is that 1) generating the UUID string seems trivial enough to
not need a function and 2) string representation of uuid4 is not what we
want in all projects.

To address this, a patch is now on gerrit.

Each project should directly use the standard uuid module or implement its
own helper function to generate uuids if this patch gets in.

Any thoughts on this change? Thanks.

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