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Wed Nov 13 04:28:18 UTC 2013

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> On 2013年11月13日, at 上午5:44, Paul Belanger <paul.belanger at polybeacon.com> wrote:
>> On 13-11-11 01:31 AM, Lyle, David wrote:
>> I think there is certainly interest.  I do think it will need to be highly configurable to be useful.  The problem, as Dolph points out, is that each deployment has its own workflow.
>> Points of configuration:
>> -Does the local keystone deployment policy support self-registration?  The default is no.  So, at that point access to self-registration should be hidden.
>> -How many steps are required in the registration process?
>> -Is payment information required?  Address?
>> -How is the registration confirmed, email, text, ?
>> I think the two main reasons such a facility is not present in Horizon are:
>> 1. Until recently determining keystone's access policy was not possible.
>> 2. The actual implementation is highly deployment dependent.
> So, if we are talking features, I think the one I can see being the most useful for me is when an admin is adding user accounts with the dashboard, is the email subsystem notifies the users with onetime login URL, forcing the user to setup a password.
> This way the admin doesn't have to deal with transmitting passwords to each user.
> Actually, I guess I am talking about a password reset token.
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