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Thanks for the comments, they make a lot of sense.  There is a Glance 
team meeting on Thursday where we would like to push a bit further on 
this.  Would you mind sending in a few more details? Perhaps a sample of 
what your ideal layout would be?  As an example, how would you prefer 
actions are handled that do not effect a currently existing resource but 
ultimately create a new resource (for example the import action).



On 11/11/13, 8:05 PM, George Reese wrote:
> I was asked at the OpenStack Summit to look at the Glance Tasks, 
> particularly as a general pattern for other asynchronous operations.
> If I understand Glance Tasks appropriately, different asynchronous 
> operations get replaced by a single general purpose API call?
> In general, a unified API for task tracking across all kinds of 
> asynchronous operations is a good thing. However, assuming this 
> understanding is correct, I have two comments:
> #1 A consumer of an API should not need to know a priori whether a 
> given operation is "asynchronous". The asynchronous nature of the 
> operation should be determined through a response. Specifically, if 
> the client gets a 202 response, then it should recognize that the 
> action is asynchronous and expect a task in the response. If it gets 
> something else, then the action is synchronous. This approach has the 
> virtual of being proper HTTP and allowing the needs of the 
> implementation to dictate the synchronous/asynchronous nature of the 
> API call and not a fixed contract.
> #2 I really don't like the idea of a single endpoint (/v2/tasks) for 
> executing all tasks for a particular OpenStack component. Changes 
> should be made through the resource being impacted.
> -George
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