[openstack-dev] [heat][mistral] EventScheduler vs Mistral scheduling

Christopher Armstrong chris.armstrong at rackspace.com
Tue Nov 12 23:13:04 UTC 2013

Given the recent discussion of scheduled autoscaling at the summit session
on autoscaling, I looked into the state of scheduling-as-a-service in and
around OpenStack. I found two relevant wiki pages:



The first one proposes and describes in some detail a new service and API
strictly for scheduling the invocation of webhooks.

The second one describes a part of Mistral (in less detail) to basically do
the same, except executing taskflows directly.

Here's the first question: should scalable cloud scheduling exist strictly
as a feature of Mistral, or should it be a separate API that only does
event scheduling? Mistral could potentially make use of the event
scheduling API (or just rely on users using that API directly to get it to
execute their task flows).

Second question: if the proposed "EventScheduler" becomes a real project,
which OpenStack Program should it live under?

Third question: Is anyone actively working on this stuff? :)

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Christopher Armstrong
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