[openstack-dev] [qa] Policy on spelling and grammar

Álvaro López García alvaro.lopez.garcia at cern.ch
Tue Nov 12 09:19:34 UTC 2013

On Mon 11 Nov 2013 (19:28), Tim Bell wrote:
> As a speaker of the Queen's English, I find flavor to be incorrect.
> Does that mean I can -1 any patch that does not use flavour ?
> At CERN, we are working with 130 countries in a single community.
> The value of the contribution of non-english speakers far exceeds
> the occasional misunderstandings.
> Giving grammar/spellings -1 excludes major sections of the community
> from contribution.

Being a non native English speaker I've never interpreted an English 
related -1 as closing the door to my contribution. I am aware that it is
not my mother tongue, therefore I am prone to mistakes that should be

The main problem here is people thinking in the -1 as a "we don't want
your work here, please go away" instead of "your work is great, but
nobody is perfect so your code needs some more improvements" [1]

[1] http://adam.younglogic.com/2013/11/expect-the-minus-one/

> As our aim is meritocracy (in python, computer architecture and
> design rather than spelling), I'd propose
> - If someone identifies a need for clarification/correction as part
> of a review, they also submit the replacement text rather than just -1.
> - The submitter incorporates that change into a patch

I totally agree on this. A -1 without a proposed change is totally
useless (I've never found such a review though).

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