[openstack-dev] [Neutron]Good example of dev doc/docstrings in code.

Anita Kuno anteaya at anteaya.info
Tue Nov 12 00:50:26 UTC 2013


I will be creating noise around testing in order to help shore up the 
gap between where we are in Neutron and where everybody agrees we would 
like to be.

To that end I would like to point out a great example of docstrings in code:

which is used to generate dev docs.

Here are the generated docs from the above docstrings in the code:

The docstrings are great for the author of the patch to ensure the 
purpose of each method/function is clearly understood by themselves, 
reviews and users of the code.

I would like to encourage current and future patches to include good 
docstrings/dev docs going forward.

Thanks everyone for your support helping to close the gap with testing 
with Neutron.

Thank you,
Anita Kuno

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