[openstack-dev] [nova][cinder][oslo][scheduler] How to leverage oslo schduler/filters for nova and cinder

Jay Lau jay.lau.513 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 15:16:39 UTC 2013


Now in oslo, we already put some scheduler filters/weights logic there and
cinder is using oslo scheduler filters/weights logic, seems we want both
nova&cinder use this logic in future.

Found some problems as following:
1) In cinder, some filters/weight logic reside in
cinder/openstack/common/scheduler and some filter/weight logic in
cinder/scheduler, this is not consistent and also will make some cinder
hackers confused: where shall I put the scheduler filter/weight.
2) Nova is not using filter/weight from oslo and also not using entry point
to handle all filter/weight.
3) There is not enough filters in oslo, we may need to add more there: such
as same host filter, different host filter, retry filter etc.

So my proposal is as following:
1) Add more filters to oslo, such as same host filter, different host
filter, retry filter etc.
2) Move all filters/weight logic in cinder from cinder/scheduler to
3) Enable nova use filter/weight logic from oslo (Move all filter logic to
nova/openstack/common/scheduler) and also use entry point to handle all
filters/weight logic.



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