[openstack-dev] How to choose proper availablity-zone in Havana version with the same usage realized by JsonFilter in Folsom version?

hzguanqiang at corp.netease.com hzguanqiang at corp.netease.com
Thu Nov 7 09:10:35 UTC 2013

Hi guys,

In Folsom version, availability-zone info is stored in compute_nodes db table, and so can be parsed by JsonFilter.
I can use JsonFilter to choose which(or except which) availability-zones to build my instance.

But in Havana version, availability-zone info is stored in aggregatemetadata, and so JsonFilter seems can not filter
the proper availatiliby-zones as the way in Folsom version.

So Is there any other existed resolution in H version that can satisfy my demand?

Best regards!

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