[openstack-dev] [Heat] How do i implement this usecase:

Nilakhya nilakhya.chatterjee at globallogic.com
Thu Nov 7 08:33:09 UTC 2013

Currently my heat template works with AWS resource type:

     Type: AWS::EC2::EIP
   DatabaseIPAssoc :
     Type: AWS::EC2::EIPAssociation
       InstanceId: {Ref: BaseInstance}
       EIP: {Ref: MyIPAddress}

Now if i want to change to OpenStack ( OS ) namespace with a similar 
implementation :

     Type: OS::Neutron::FloatingIP
floating_network_id : String
   MyIPAssoc :
     Type: OS::Neutron::FloatingIPAssociation
       floatingip_id : {Ref: MyIPAddress}

I cannot problem is,

a) floating_network_id ( is not known ) which is a required property.
b) Even if its available / defaults to, its an overhead from AWS simplicity.

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