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Sylvain Bauza Sylvain.Bauza at bull.net
Thu Nov 7 04:13:11 UTC 2013

Being at my first summit, I haven't noticed there were Nova unconference timeslots for discussing various stuff. My bad.

I proposed tomorrow 1.50pm to discuss around the reservation service itself and how we plan to use host aggregates (or pclouds) for our needs.


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Objet : [openstack-dev] [Nova] [Climate] Reservation service called Climate


During the Design session https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/NovaIcehouse-Instance-Group-API we discussed the fact that this is not the role of Nova for doing atomic reservations in order to ensure the user needs will be met.

I raised the point (and sorry for my bad accent, was stressy) that we're already trying to provide a reservation system for Openstack, called Climate (a Stackforge project).
I would really like to discuss with you all, Nova community, about the reservation system and ensure that we, at Climate, are on the good path.

Climate is planning to reserve both virtual instances and physical hosts, but for the discussion we had, only physical hosts usecase is relevant.

We had an unconference session today at 2pm, I can share you the slides :


(please focus on slides 11-14, they're talking on the design for host reservations)

All the code is located on Stackforge, but please note the most important part of physical host reservations is still under review there :

(We're missing reviewers, by the way !)

I'm open to discuss and waiting your thoughts,

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