[openstack-dev] RFC: reverse the default Gerrit sort order

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Wed Nov 6 23:36:49 UTC 2013

I've been thinking about review queues recently (since here at the
summit everyone is talking about reviews! :)).

One thing that struck me today was that Gerrit makes it easier to
review the newest changes first, rather than the changes that have
been in the queue longest, or the changes that started going through
the review process first.

So... is it possible to change the default sort order for Gerrit? How
hard is it to do - could we do an experiment on that and see if it
nudges the dial for reviewstats (just make the change, not ask anyone
to change their behaviour)?

As for what sort order to choose, I'd be happy just getting data on a
different default sort order - it seems like the easiest thing would
be to reverse the current order, vs doing something more

If folk are about to jump up and say 'hey, reviewday' or 'hey
next-review' : I specifically want to see what the effect on changing
the Gerrit web UI is, because my sense is that that is the default
place folk do reviews, and I want to change the default-experience
folk have, not the optional experience folk can opt into.


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