[openstack-dev] A Tool for Making OpenStack Log Reading a Bit Easier

Solly Ross sross at redhat.com
Tue Nov 5 21:58:02 UTC 2013

Hello All,
The other day, I was reading through a debug-level OpenStack log, and came to the realization that reading OpenStack debug-level logs was difficult, to say the least -- they can be very busy, and it is hard to quickly filter out relevant information.  Thus, I wrote a little Perl script to make reading dense debug-level logs a bit easier: https://github.com/DirectXMan12/os_log_prettifier.  I figured that I'd share it with other people.  Basically, the script highlights certain key details using color and bolding (via ANSI control codes), and can filter lines based on subject (in the form of 'x.y.z') or message type, using regular expressions.  I hope people find it useful!

Best Regards,
Solly Ross

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