[openstack-dev] [Trove][Savanna][Murano] Unified Agent proposal discussion at Summit

Alexander Tivelkov ativelkov at mirantis.com
Tue Nov 5 02:10:37 UTC 2013

Hi guys,

Recently we had several discussions about the guest VM agents: lot's of
projects have the similar needs to run some special logic on the side of
guest virtual machines. As far as I know, there are such agents in Savanna,
Trove, Murano and may be some other projects as well.
The obvious idea is to unite the efforts and have the unified solution
which may satisfy everybody's needs.
We've discussed this topic before with some of the teams, and got the
promising-looking idea to create kind of "unified agent library" and put it
in Oslo or some other shared project.

We've scheduled an unconference session on the Summit, this Friday at 3:10
pm. Let's continue discussing the idea there: we may gather the common
requirements, discuss the basic design concepts etc.

See you there!

Kind Regards,
Alexander Tivelkov
Principal Software Engineer

OpenStack Platform Product division
Mirantis, Inc

+7(495) 640 4904, ext 0236
Vorontsovskaya street 35 B, building 3,
Moscow, Russia.
ATivelkov at mirantis.com
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