[openstack-dev] [horizon] Building an application a top

Lyle, David david.lyle at hp.com
Fri Nov 1 16:53:21 UTC 2013

This is a topic near to my heart.  I think it's a logical move to have a separate dashboard for identity.  At the summit, we have a session planned on discussing the overall Information Architecture of Horizon http://icehousedesignsummit.sched.org/event/3b3b3430fe23da9ffed6a15eda50fd25

One part of that discussion will be to look at where Identity fits in.

But a second item needs to happen to make this feasible.  Horizon needs to adopt a more extensible layout so that we can accommodate more than 2 dashboards without running into size constraints.  This is also a planned discussion at the design summit.

So no definitive plans yet, but stay tuned.


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> Greetings all,
> I am in the process of building out an application on top of horizon, but my
> application actually has nothing to do with OpenStack.
> You see, I am planning on using Keystone as my identity service for the
> applications and would also like to add a GUI for user management.
>  I know openstack_dashboard provides this, however right now, the
> requirement require I run keystone plus nova and glance.
> I quickly hacked openstack_dashboard to simply provide 'Identity' as the
> only admin panel for openstack_dashboard and it worked pretty well.
> However, the more I played around and read the documentation, it seemed
> the right approach was to build atop of horizon and not
> openstack_dashboard.
> So, for the moment, I have embedded openstack_dashboard admin
> (identity) and settings dashboards with my django project, but to be honest
> I don't really want to do this or take on the maintenance burdon to maintain
> them.
> So, what I am wondering is how do you guys / gals see people who want to
> leverage keystone (or another openstack project) and build something atop
> horizon?  Would you be open to breaking out the identity dashboard into its
> own package that people could extend upon?
> Or is there another approach you recommend taking?
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