[openstack-dev] Re : welcoming new committers

Romain Hardouin romain_hardouin at yahoo.fr
Fri Nov 1 14:02:40 UTC 2013

> Indeed :) Can you share with us briefly what you found interesting in
> the sessions of Upstream University? Which ones did you go to?

Upsteam University acted like a starter to me. I attended the september session in Paris.

I'm interested in OpenStack since Essex but I did not dare submit my first patch.
Folks at UU make this happen.
During the two days group session we have learned the basics of Open Source and how to interact with such a community.
Then, weekly assessments and phone calls allow us to stay motivated and thus not to give up. We are given valuable advices to get our fixes accepted.

Guys at Upstream University are really cool and proficient.

> Well, I think that anybody's opinion matters and you're not a new
> OpenStack developer anymore. You have your own experience and your
> reviews may definitely help somebody even newer than you to get his/her
> patch refined before the more experienced developers get to it. I'm sure
> your comments, even without a vote, would help. Chime in then :)

Thanks for your kind words. 
I'm going to start reviewing. I take note of what Jeremy Stanley said:
"OpenStack does not lack developers... it lacks reviewers."

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