[openstack-dev] Re : welcoming new committers (was Re: When is it okay for submitters to say 'I don't want to add tests' ?)

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Fri Nov 1 02:36:32 UTC 2013

On 2013-10-31 22:45:56 +0000 (+0000), Romain Hardouin wrote:
> Adding a message for new comers is a good idea.
> I am a new Horizon contributor, some of my fixes have been merged
> (thanks to Upstream University :-) and reviewers of course) but I
> still hesitate to do code review. To my mind, it is reserved to
> "known" developpers whose opinion matters...

Not at all. One of the best ways to become "known" within the
community is to review code and provide good recommendations. Even
something as simple as spotting typographical errors in changes to
user-facing messages and documentation provides value. The more
problems you can find (and ultimately help prevent) in a change, the
faster your reputation will grow.

As has been said many times already, OpenStack does not lack
developers... it lacks reviewers.
Jeremy Stanley

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