[openstack-dev] Remove tenant/project ID from Nova v3 API URLs

Dolph Mathews dolph.mathews at gmail.com
Wed May 8 21:45:38 UTC 2013



On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 4:27 PM, Gabriel Hurley <Gabriel.Hurley at nebula.com>wrote:

> Proposal: The project/tenant ID should be dropped from the Nova v3 API URL
> structure.
> Rationale: Removing it would simplify the requirements on the Keystone
> Service Catalog, it makes the future path for clients/consumers doing API
> version discovery better, and it makes the URLs significantly shorter,
> cleaner and more human-parseable.
> The arguments in favor of including the project ID thus far have been
> twofold, both of which I will thusly invalidate:
> 1. RESTfulness -- in purest REST the context of a request should not in
> any way alter the results returned by that endpoint. Thereby the argument
> was that we have to include the project ID in the URL in order to ensure
> that the "context" doesn't change the results. However, the project ID has
> not been the defining factor for what is returned by the RESTful URL for
> some time. We're actually using the AUTH TOKEN context to vary the
> response, so the entire argument is already faulty. That aside, the
> argument in favor of including the project ID in the URL to be "proper" is
> built on a somewhat dated notion of RESTfulness which many implementers
> (even within OpenStack) have chosen to eschew. I don't believe we gain
> anything by trying to adhere to this standard on principle when it offers
> no benefit.
> 2. Caching -- a completely naïve cache would rely solely on the URL path
> to cache responses. As described above, this is already broken because two
> users with different roles may receive different responses on the same
> project ID. Any reasonable caching layer can cache based on a header, in
> this case Vary: X-Auth-Token.
> If anyone has other arguments in favor of keeping the project ID in the
> URL I'd love to hear them, but otherwise I formally request that it be
> removed going forward.
> All the best,
>     - Gabriel
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