[openstack-dev] [OpenStack] Cinder PTL Candidacy

John Griffith john.griffith at solidfire.com
Tue Mar 5 22:31:04 UTC 2013

Hey Everyone,

For those that don't know me, I'm a senior software engineer employed by
SolidFire Inc, who's full time job is OpenSource and more specifically
OpenStack, and even more specifically Cinder.
Contributions over the last six months:

This spring will mark one year since we decided to spin out Nova-Volume in
to Cinder while at the Summit in San Francisco   During Folsom, I lead the
efforts to build Cinder and get a functional replacement for Nova-Volume
ready and available.  At the end of Folsom Cinder was voted in as what we
then called  a Core project and I was elected as the PTL.  Since then,
we've continued to build the core team as well as continuing to attract new
developers and vendors who want to be a part of OpenStack/Cinder.  Grizzly
has been a big release cycle for us, lots of useful new features like Fibre
Channel support, backups, filter scheduling, multi-backends, API
versioning, better boot from volume, cloning, LVM mirroring and LVM Thin
Provisioning, not to mention all of the new back-end drivers that have been

My focus has continued to be on contributing code to the Cinder core
project, not only in terms of code submissions but also in terms of
evangelism to the outside user community and being available to help
new-comers who want to participate and get involved.

Most critical aspects for Cinder in the next 6 months:

There are a number of things that I see as vital for Cinder over the next
six months.  The common theme for Havanna though comes down to one word
"quality".  I'd like to spend the first Havanna milestone focusing on
Cinder quality.  This includes more active involvement in Tempest to
improve the work that's already been done there and more importantly to add
to it.

This also includes seemingly simple things like standardizing and improving
logging and exception handling.  Some other pieces include things like
introducing states for Volumes, and just a good scrub of the code we have.

Further down the line we have a number of topics to discuss at the summit
including Volume migration, improvements to features we introduced in
Grizzly and better testing/integration methods for third party drivers.

Concerns going forward:

Features for features sake in Cinder, what I mean by this is I'd like to
avoid making Cinder any more complex than it has to be just in order to put
in any feature that anybody can think of and find useful in to the code

Drifting back to Nova for block storage related code.  With all the
discussions about encryption in Nova for attached volumes etc and some
other patches that I've seen over the months I'd like to get folks to come
up with a strategy of where functionality belongs and what project it
should reside in.  There's a risk of features added in another project
inhibiting features in Cinder or even worse conflicting with them, and I
think one task for the PTL is to communicate with the other project teams
to flush these sorts of things out.

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask.  Also hopefully
folks on the Cinder team that I've been working with throughout the Grizzly
release would be willing to offer up their opinion/thoughts about me
fulfilling the role of PTL, so feel free to hit them up on IRC as well to
get their input (assuming they're willing).

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