[openstack-dev] Quantum PTL Candidacy

Mark McClain mark.mcclain at dreamhost.com
Mon Mar 4 19:59:50 UTC 2013


I'm writing to announce my candidacy for the Quantum PTL.  The Quantum team has done a great job during the Grizzly cycle and I'm excited about what's ahead for the Havana cycle.  My work at DreamHost provides me a unique perspective of deploying Quantum at scale using both IPv4 and IPv6.  Working for a deployer also reinforces my desire for a vibrant, multi-vendor ecosystem within Quantum. 


I am a Quantum core developer with 13 years of commercial Python development experience.  During my career, I have developed and deployed network applications based on the same underlying libraries as Quantum.  I started contributing to Quantum during the Essex development cycle.  In Folsom, I was promoted to core and was the primary developer of the DHCP implementation and Quantum's network namespace library. 

Grizzly Accomplishments

In the Grizzly cycle,  I worked both as a developer and a core team member.

Grizzly Development:
- Added Metadata Service Support to Quantum. (Quantum High Priority)
- Developed database migration framework for Quantum to support all plugins. (Quantum Essential Priority)
- Developed the LBaaS Agent Reference Implementation. (Quantum High Priority)
- Added support for preserving NIC ordering when booting an instance attached to Quantum. (Nova High Priority Bug)

Grizzly Core Team:
- Second most active reviewer on the Quantum team.
- Leader of the L3/IPAM/DHCP and Database sub teams.
- Led triaging and sub-team assignment of bugs.
- Assisted members of the community to further their understanding of Quantum and improve Python development best practices.
- Interfaced with vendors new to Quantum and helped in the integration of their plugins.
	(core reviewer on 4 of the new vendor plugins included with Grizzly)
- Worked to promote Quantum by presenting at regional OpenStack Meetups in both Atlanta and Los Angeles.


During the Havana development cycle, I'd like to see the team focus on:

- Continuing to grow the community of contributors and code reviewers.
- Improving documentation for both deployers and developers.
- Improving database resource modeling and extension management.
- Collaborating with the Nova team to make Quantum the default network implementation.
- Leveraging the service insertion framework to add new services (i.e. VPN).
- Modularization of L2 and L3.
- L3 improvements (ACLs, better IPv6, pluggable IPAM).
- Integrating plugins from vendors new to the community including LBaaS plugins/drivers.
- Further work to ease deploying at scale.
- More efficient Quantum system testing and gating.
- Supporting the Horizon team for better Quantum integration.

I'd love the chance to be the PTL and work with the Quantum team to fill in gaps in this list during the summit in Portland.



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