[openstack-dev] Heat PTL candidacy

Steven Dake sdake at redhat.com
Mon Mar 4 15:32:01 UTC 2013


I'm submitting my name for candidate for the Heat PTL.

I've unofficially led the Heat project since its inception in March 
2012.  During my leadership, the Heat project went through incubation, 
implementing numerous features including near-feature parity with AWS 
CloudFormation, designing and implementing a native OpenStack API, 
auto-scaling, high availability, and numerous other features all with a 
strong unit test and functional test system.

As elected Heat PTL for the Havana cycle, I will focus on:

  * Making sure Heat users come first
  * Executing blueprint review and bug triage for the Havana cycle
  * Integrating our functional tests with Tempest
  * Integrating thermal or the concepts with Horizon
  * Making Heat's documentation on par with OpenStack standards
  * Support community developments using Heat as a reference architecture
  * Support the development of a Heat-specific DSL if the Heat community 
decides there is a need

One of the roles of a newly Integrated project's PTL is the improvement 
of the health of the developer community.  I will continue to build out 
Heat's core and development community.  I will continue to serve as a 
strong contact point for our user-base as well.


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