[openstack-dev] Technical Committee membership evolution

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Sun Jan 27 16:49:10 UTC 2013


I don't intend to get involved "upstream" too much yet (eg: I'm focusing
mainly on the Debian packaging of Openstack only right now...), but I
have a few thoughts to share.

On 01/16/2013 12:09 AM, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> IMHO, the TC is a group of people charged with building a rough
> consensus on cross-project topics.

I don't agree.

The technical committee should intervene as few as possible, and should
be there only when there is a strong disagreement inside the project,
and there's no other ways to decide. Obviously, when there's a
possibility to find a consensus (which is always preferred), then we
don't need the tech-ctte. It should only be the last resort, and best is
to discuss things in IRC or in the devel list.

So it's not the role of a tech-ctte to build a consensus.

Also, the tech-ctte decisions should be made on technical basis,
absolutely not on the number of people that choose one side or the
other. (computer) Science isn't (and shouldn't) be driven by democracy.
By the way, any tech-ctte decision should produce a report explaining
the reasons of a given choice. And when that is done, others should
respect it and refrain from commenting it (it's too late to do so).

As well, contrary to what has been said, I would suggest that a PTL
looses his rights to vote on an issue concerning his own project, to
avoid conflicts of interest. Everyone in the tech-ctte should anyway be
able to understand the issue. So the argument that the PTL of a given
project knows better is IMO not a good one. People in the tech-ctte
should all be knowledgeable and be able to take a good decision anyway.

Just my 2 cents,



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