[openstack-dev] Motion on Technical Committee membership for Spring 2013 session

Chuck Thier cthier at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 20:15:02 UTC 2013

> As I said earlier, I was worried that without any checks and balances
> important groups within the community (smaller projects, non-code
> contributors, users, etc.) would not have sufficient representation. Based
> on some offline discussions, I am more confident that the election system
> will help address these issues. Given that, and the simplicity of a straight
> election for all 13 members over trying to ensure a minimum number of PTLs,
> I think we should go ahead with the originally proposed change to the rules.

Hi Doug,

Would you mind sharing these revelations from these offline
discussions with the rest of the list, so that the rest of us may be
similarly persuaded?


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