[openstack-dev] Motion on Technical Committee membership for Spring 2013 session

John Griffith john.griffith at solidfire.com
Fri Jan 25 17:40:48 UTC 2013

On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 6:03 AM, Thierry Carrez <thierry at openstack.org>wrote:

> Chuck Thier wrote:
> > The reality is
> > that with the proposed option, only members of the largest project(s)
> > will get elected, and the view of the TC will continue to narrow
> > around the needs of one world view.  What the TC needs more, is a
> > diverse set of opinions and views, and I believe the option proposed
> > by Anne would provide a much better framework to support that.
> I wish you had commented on the options earlier in the original thread,
> but that's a fair point. Diversity is a valid concern.
> That's what option (4) was addressing: limit the committee growth while
> still ensuring representation from various projects.
> Let me repeat what that option was:
> "Limit the TC to 13 members, have them all directly-elected, *and*
> guarantee that a minimum of 8 PTLs end up in the committee"
> It looks like this would address your concern: ensuring a minimum of
> diversity is present in the resulting committee, while proactively
> addressing the growth issue before it becomes a factor in
> accepting/rejecting new projects. It's also the smallest change from the
> current situation (we keep a 8PTL+5 committee).
> It was my preferred option, but consensus seemed to be (at that point)
> that the added complexity in election setup was not compensated by clear
> benefits. But further discussion proved that diversity is a concern, so
> I'm happy to propose that option instead. I really would prefer general
> consensus on that change.
> Anne, John, Doug, Chuck: Would that be agreeable to you ? If not, why not ?
This option is fine with me and I think it's a pretty good model that
addresses concerns on both sides of the debate.  Also seems to give the
best cross-section of interests IMO.

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