[openstack-dev] [marconi] Meeting agenda for Thursday at 19:00

Kurt Griffiths kurt.griffiths at rackspace.com
Wed Jan 23 20:35:54 UTC 2013

The Marconi project team holds a meeting in #openstack-meeting-alt on Thursdays at 1900 UTC.

The next meeting is this Thursday, Jan 24. Let me know if you have any topics you'd like to add to the agenda.

## Agenda (30-60 mins): ##

* Review last week's actions
  * kgriffs to kick the tires on Pecan
* Review the [[https://launchpad.net/marconi/+milestone/grizzly-1|g1 milestone]<https://launchpad.net/marconi/+milestone/grizzly-1|g1%20milestone]>].
* Decide whether to support tags or some other fanout mechanism, or just stick with N-queue approach (for v1.0 at least)
* Consider splitting the API into two namespaces, one for work queuing and one for eventing
* Decide whether client state should be based on timestamps or markers (or make one optional)
* Talk about the state of XML support in OpenStack and decide where we stand on the issue.
* Open discussion

## See also: ##

* https://launchpad.net/marconi
* http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/Marconi


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