[openstack-dev] Heat PTL Candidacy

Steven Dake sdake at redhat.com
Tue Jan 22 19:32:55 UTC 2013


I want to propose myself for filling the PTL role in Heat.

I have two rugrats (8 and 10) who challenge me daily.  My wife is 
involved in the technology industry, so our family is pretty nerdy all 
around :)  I like to 4x4 in the nice Arizona winter time where I was 
born and raised.

I have been developing software since a wee tike at 12 years old writing 
assembly language on x86 processors.  Over the years since I developed 
Pascal, Ada, C, and Python as expert languages and have a wide breadth 
of experience in kernel, embedded, distributed, and enterprise software 
development.  My working life has been mostly focused around high 
availability and low scale clustering.  I initiated openais and later 
Corosync which used in combination with Pacemaker form the standard 
cluster stack used in most open source high availability environments.  
After 8 years of working on low-scale clusters, I chose to progress into 
high scale clusters software orchestration within OpenStack.

This led to the origination of Heat in March of last year, which is 
discussed in more detail here:


As part of my involvement in starting and managing an open source 
project and participating in the community that evolved from that work, 
I bring a strong work ethic combined with a strong understanding of the 
commitment it takes to bring an open source project from wink to 
delivery in numerous field deployments with a vast user base.

Thank you for your consideration,

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