[openstack-dev] [swift][horizon] Simulating hierarchical directory structure

Gabriel Hurley Gabriel.Hurley at nebula.com
Mon Jan 21 19:51:57 UTC 2013

When the Swift interface for Horizon was built, we did what Swift's docs recommended (using a 0-byte pseudo-folder marker object).  There are significant API incompatibilities between the two methods of structuring pseudo-folders, so we had to support only one. If Swift would like to clarify once-and-for-all/amend its docs to indicate the correct way of doing things then Horizon can get back in line.

    - Gabriel

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> On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 1:09 PM, John Dickinson <me at not.mn> wrote:
> > While still supported for backwards compatibility, the "path" listings have
> been deprecated in favor of prefix/delimiter queries. Docs that include path
> query references should be updated to use prefix/delimiter queries.
> Ah, OK.  I've had it backwards then, based on the trunk vs v1.0 docs I saw I
> thought path was new, but actually it is deprecated?
> >> 3) How far should the Swift CLI go in supporting the
> >> psuedo-hierarchical directory simulation?
> >
> > What are the options you are suggesting here?
> The aim here is to reduce user confusion between what they see in Horizon
> vs what they see in Swift CLI list output.  One thought was to show them in
> the list output with a '/' suffix similar to what tar does for directories.  Or is
> changing Horizon to not create the directory markers the Right Thing?  Or
> both?
> dt
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