[openstack-dev] [SWIFT] Swift API cleanup

Chuck Thier cthier at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 17:08:30 UTC 2013

Howdy Swift Stackers,

For various reasons, there is a bit of legacy cruft in the Swift API.
A couple of recent bugs have brought this back to the front of our
minds (like correctly quoting Etags, and using the proposed HTTP
return code for rate-limiting).  Chmouel has kindly started a wiki
page[1] to start collecting these areas of cruft, in an effort to
start work on a clean-up rev of the swift API.  I will work on a
blueprint and propose a session at the next summit where we can
discuss further.  Please feel free to contribute to the wiki page, and
note that the purpose of this is to clean up the cruft, not a whole
new API (think v1.1 not 2.0).

[1] http://wiki.openstack.org/SwiftNextAPI


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