[openstack-dev] [nova] minimum review period for functional changes that break backwards compatibility

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Sun Dec 29 05:35:47 UTC 2013

On 29 December 2013 05:15, John Griffith <john.griffith at solidfire.com> wrote:
> I think Sean made some good recommendations in the review (waiting 24
> hours as well as suggesting ML etc).  It seems that cases like this
> don't necessarily need mandated time requirements for review but just
> need good core reviewers to say "hey, this is a big deal... we should
> probably get some feedback here" etc.
> One thing I am curious about however, Gary made a good point about
> using the "default_ephemeral_format=" config setting to make this
> pretty easy and straight forward.  I didn't see any other responses to
> that, and it looks like the patch still uses a default of "none".
> Quick look at the code it seems like this would be a clean way to go
> about things, any reason why this wasn't discussed further?

We make a point of running defaults in TripleO: if the defaults aren't
generally production suitable, they aren't suitable defaults. If/when
we find a place where there is no sane default, we'll push for having
no default and forcing a choice to be made.

ext3 wasn't a sane default :).

In fact, for CD environments, the ability to set ext3 via config
options means this change is easy to convert into an arbitrary-time
warning period to users, if a cloud needs to.


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