[openstack-dev] Proposal for dd disk i/o performance blueprint of cinder.

cosmos cosmos cosmos0703 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 07:56:33 UTC 2013


My name is Rucia for Samsung SDS.

I had in truouble in volume deleting.

I am developing for supporting big data storage such as hadoop in lvm.

it use as a full disk io for deleting of cinder lvm volume because of dd
the high disk I/O affects the other hadoop instance on same host.

If using dd for deleting the volume,  it takes too much time for deleting
of cinder lvm volume because of dd.
Cinder volume is 200GB for supporting hadoop master data.

When i delete cinder volume in using 'dd if=/dev/zero of $cinder-volume
count=1000000 bs=1M' it takes about 30 minutes.

So When I delete the volume, i added disk id scheduler, ionice.


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