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Yair Fried yfried at redhat.com
Sun Dec 22 20:00:52 UTC 2013

Hi Guys,
So, I'm done with my patch:
1. ping an external IP
2. ping a url to test the dns
3. check VM's resolve.conf
4. change the dns server and recheck resolve.conf

My issue now (same as before) is that this test cannot be executed (and therefore pass) on the gate unless the gate is configured for external connectivity.

A. How do I get the neutron gate to allow it's VM external connectivity (i.e. ping

Considering Jeremy's comment, I agree that depending on external ip/url introduces an unnecessary point of failure. However IMO, using multiple addresses is not the best way to proceed , I'd rather test against a local node. Therefore:

B. Can I get the neutron gate to enter it's own (local) DNS server? A local url?
C. I this a change I can push to some project by myself, or do I need someone to change this for me (infra?)?

I would really like your input in this matter, as I am in the final stretch of this patch and cannot move any farther by myself

Yair Fried

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On 2013-11-20 14:07:49 -0800 (-0800), Sean Dague wrote:
> On 11/18/2013 02:41 AM, Yair Fried wrote:
> [...]
> > 2. add fields in tempest.conf for
> >      * external connectivity = False/True
> >      * external ip to test against (ie
> +1 for #2. In the gate we'll need to think about what that address
> can / should be. It may be different between different AZs. At this
> point I'd leave the rest of the options off the table until #2 is
> working reliably.

Having gone down this path in the past, I suggest the test check for
no fewer than three addresses, sending several probes to each, and
be considered successful if at least one gets a response.
Jeremy Stanley

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