[openstack-dev] [Climate] PTL Candidacy

Dina Belova dbelova at mirantis.com
Fri Dec 20 19:01:01 UTC 2013

Howdy, guys!

I’d like to announce my candidacy for Climate (Reservation-as-a-Service)

I’m working with OpenStack about last two years since Diablo and have much
experience in working with different customers within different projects.
Last six months I’m everything about community work - since really early
ideas of Climate. I proposed idea of global reservation opportunity to the
OpenStack - for both virtual and physical resources, not just some of it. I
also created architecture proposal for the Climate, that was discussed with
our community and on what we agreed the time Climate was a ‘baby’.

I’m leading subteam, that is working on implementing virtual reservations
opportunity. I took significant participation in core related features that
are important for every project - overall structure of DB layer, REST API,
base logic for the internal Climate part and plugin mechanism, that allows
to implement extensions for every resource type to make them reservable.
I’m a top contributor and reviewer for Climate and spend much time on
defining its future vectors of development and keeping Climate extensible
and relevant to the current OpenStack ecosystem. Now I’m holding our team’s
IRC meeting half times to keep our two subteams balanced and presented
enough; and manage our Launchpad project to represent every side of it.
Also I was the initiator of Climate presentation during OpenStack Icehouse
summit in Hong Kong this fall and prepared much materials for it. I have
expedience and know about release cycles, release management and other
infrastructure specific things.

I think, PTL is not only about reviews or code writing, it’s more about
presenting project to the outside world. It’s about endless communication
both internally with people contributing to Climate and externally to avoid
overlaps and conflicts between contributors and Climate with other
projects. I believe, PTL should think not only about Climate itself, but
about its place in whole OpenStack ecosystem and how it may look like in

As for Icehouse, as the closest point we should pass, I defined our scope
for the first 0.1 Climate release and believe we will have it Jan 2014.
Definitely we would like to find the appropriate OpenStack Program (or
create a new one) and become incubated within it. Icehouse will be about
close integration with other OpenStack projects to support reservation of
different resources - not only compute hosts and virtual machines, proposed
to our first release, but also volumes, network resources, etc. Finally we
would like to propose architecture of integration with Heat and its stacks
reservation, as a most complicated virtual resource. Integration with
Horizon is also about creation of a better way for our users to communicate
with Climate and definitely we hope to propose solution for that.

It was a great time when different companies and people decided to unite
and create this project with its special role and become a part of great
OpenStack community. I believe we’ll do even more in future :)



Best regards,

Dina Belova

Software Engineer

Mirantis Inc
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