[openstack-dev] [keystone] role of Domain in VPC definition

Ravi Chunduru ravivsn at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 02:10:34 UTC 2013

  We had some internal discussions on role of Domain and VPCs. I would like
to expand and understand community thinking of Keystone domain and VPCs.

Is VPC equivalent to Keystone Domain?

If so, as a public cloud provider - I create a Keystone domain and give it
to an organization which wants a virtual private cloud.

Now the question is if that organization wants to have  departments wise
allocation of resources it is becoming difficult to visualize with existing
v3 keystone constructs.

Currently, it looks like each department of an organization cannot have
their own resource management with in the organization VPC ( LDAP based
user management, network management or dedicating computes etc.,) For us,
Openstack Project does not match the requirements of a department of an

I hope you guessed what we wanted - Domain must have VPCs and VPC to have

I would like to know how community see the VPC model in Openstack.

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