[openstack-dev] [Heat] [Trove] [Savanna] [Oslo] Unified Agents - what is the actual problem?

Dmitry Mescheryakov dmescheryakov at mirantis.com
Thu Dec 19 13:14:35 UTC 2013

I agree that enabling communication between guest and cloud service is a
common problem for most agent designs. The only exception is agent based on
hypervisor provided transport. But as far as I understand many people are
interested in network-based agent, so indeed we can start a thread (or
continue discussion in this on) on the problem.


2013/12/19 Clint Byrum <clint at fewbar.com>

> So I've seen a lot of really great discussion of the unified agents, and
> it has made me think a lot about the problem that we're trying to solve.
> I just wanted to reiterate that we should be trying to solve real problems
> and not get distracted by doing things "right" or even "better".
> I actually think there are three problems to solve.
> * Private network guest to cloud service communication.
> * Narrow scope highly responsive lean guest agents (Trove, Savanna).
> * General purpose in-instance management agent (Heat).
> Since the private network guests problem is the only one they all share,
> perhaps this is where the three projects should collaborate, and the
> other pieces should be left to another discussion.
> Thoughts?
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