[openstack-dev] meeting times and rotations etc...

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Thu Dec 19 09:20:49 UTC 2013

So, I'm a little worried about the complexities of organising free
slots given we're basically about to double the # of entrieshave in
all our calendars.

Maybe we can do something a little simpler: just have the *whole
calender* shift phase 180' each week: it won't be perfect,
particularly for those projects that currently have a majority of
members meeting in the middle of their day (12 midday -> 12 midnight),
but if there's any decent spread already meeting, there will be a
decent spread for the alter week - and an important thing for
inclusion is to not be doing votes etc in meetings *anyway* so I think
it's ok for the PTL (for instance) to not be at every meeting.



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