[openstack-dev] [governance] Becoming a Program, before applying for incubation

Sylvain Bauza sylvain.bauza at bull.net
Wed Dec 18 10:58:27 UTC 2013

Le 18/12/2013 11:25, Thierry Carrez a écrit :
> Sylvain Bauza wrote:
>> Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but Stackforge is already the place for
>> promising projects ? If so, why creating a wikipage for listing them ?
> Not really. Any project can be in stackforge. It doesn't have to be
> promising or to want to ever be part of the integrated openstack release.
Well, then I'm thinking that if some reference would point out which 
projects are promising, then it must be leaded by TC.
If we don't want to "formalize" which projects are promising vs. which 
ones are not, then yes, TC must at least validate.

That's why I proposed TC sponsoring for "promising" projects, that's 
less formal than an official request for incubation, and more visible 
than only putting a project to Stackforge or announcing it.


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