[openstack-dev] [horizon] Blueprint decrypt-and-display-vm-generated-password

Ala Rezmerita ala.rezmerita at cloudwatt.com
Tue Dec 17 11:58:40 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I would like to get your opinion/feedback about the implementation of the blueprint "Decrypt and display VM generated password"[1]

Our use case is primarily targeting Windows instances with cloudbase-init, but the functionality can be also used on Linux instances.
The general idea of this blueprint is to give the user the ability to retrieve, through Horizon, administrative password for his Windows session.

There is two ways for the user to set/get his password on cloudbase-init Windows instances:
- The user sets the desired password as admin_pass key/value as metadata of the new server. Example : https://gist.github.com/arezmerita/8001673. In this case the password is visible in instance description, in metatada section. 
- The user do not set his password. In this case the cloudbase-init will generate a random password, encrypt it with user provided public key, and will send the result to the metadata server. The only way to get the clear password is to use API/nova client and provide the private key. Example:  nova get-password  . The novaclient will retrieve encrypted password from Nova and will use locally the private key in order to decrypt the password. 

Now about our blueprint implementation: 
- We add an new action "Retrieve password" on an instance, that shows a form displaying the key pair name used to boot the instance and the encrypted password. The user can provide its private key, that will be used ONLY on the client side for password decryption using JSEncrypt library[2]. 
- We choose to not send the private key over the network (for decryption on server side), because we consider that the user should not be forced to share this information with the cloud operator.
Some may argue that the connection is protected, and we are already passing sensitive data over the network. However, openstack user password/tokens are "openstack" sensitive data, they are related to the "openstack" user. User's private key on the other hand, is something personal to the user, "not-openstack" related.

What do you think?  

Note: On the whiteboard of the blueprint[1] I provided two demos and some instructions of how to test this functionality with Linux instances.


[1] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/decrypt-and-display-vm-generated-password
[2] JSEncrypt library http://travistidwell.com/jsencrypt/

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