[openstack-dev] [TripleO] Tuskar CLI after architecture changes

Tzu-Mainn Chen tzumainn at redhat.com
Sat Dec 14 15:52:16 UTC 2013

> On Wed, 2013-12-11 at 17:48 +0100, Jiří Stránský wrote:
> <snip>
> > >> When you say python- clients, is there a distinction between the CLI and
> > >> a bindings library that invokes the server-side APIs? In other words,
> > >> the CLI is packaged as CLI+bindings and the UI as GUI+bindings?
> > 
> > python-tuskarclient = Python bindings to tuskar-api + CLI, in one project
> > 
> > tuskar-ui doesn't have it's own bindings, it depends on
> > python-tuskarclient for bindings to tuskar-api (and other clients for
> > bindings to other APIs). UI makes use just of the Python bindings part
> > of clients and doesn't interact with the CLI part. This is the general
> > OpenStack way of doing things.
> Please everyone excuse my relative lateness in joining this discussion,
> but I'm wondering if someone could point me to discussions (or summit
> session etherpads?) where the decision was made to give Tuskar a
> separate UI from Horizon? I'm curious what the motivations were around
> this?
> Thanks, and again, sorry for being late to the party! :)
> -jay

Heya - just to clear up what I think might be a possible misconception here - the
Tuskar-UI is built on top of Horizon.  It's developed as a separate Horizon dashboard
- Infrastructure - that can be added into the OpenStack dashboard alongside the existing
dashboards - Project, Admin.  The Tuskar-UI developers are active within Horizon, and
there's currently an effort underway to get the UI placed under the Horizon program.

Does that answer your question, or did I miss the thrust of it?


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