[openstack-dev] [Metrics] Communicating how to interpret community data

Stefano Maffulli stefano at openstack.org
Thu Dec 12 01:21:13 UTC 2013

Hello folks

I wrote a blog post today after noticing again that reporters take the
data published on Activity Board and Stackalytics as true, without
asking questions to the protagonists. The problem is that at the moment
none of the systems we have can guarantee that the data is presenting at
any given time is true. In particular, the data about companies
involvement in OpenStack is most likely to be more wrong than true
(except possibly for the manually curated reports done at release time).

I knew there was a risk that people may not understand/misinterpret the
data and I'd like to find ways to mitigate it.

One fast way would be to put clearer warnings on pages like
and http://activity.openstack.org/data/display/OPNSTK2/Organizations
Stackalytics would need also to put a clear warning on
http://stackalytics.com/. It may not solve the root cause but at least
it may suggest reporters to ask for confirmation of the data shown
before making assumptions about companies and their involvement in

For the medium term, I am hoping that we can build a service that can
export data from the OpenStack membership database to reporting
services, stackalytics and the others. It's not a simple task though
because of member's privacy.

Two new bugs filed on this topic, let's discuss there how to solve this



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