[openstack-dev] [Nova] icehouse-2 blueprint deadline

Russell Bryant rbryant at redhat.com
Tue Dec 10 19:12:15 UTC 2013


We have a lot of blueprints targeted to icehouse-2 [1] that are still
under review.  The blueprints that do not have a priority are still
under review.  We need a deadline for blueprints to be finalized for
this milestone.  I propose that deadline to be Thursday, December 19.

Any blueprints that have not been approved at that point will be moved
to the icehouse-3 milestone.

If you have an icehouse-2 blueprint, please check its status.
Specifically, check the "Definition" field of the blueprint.  Here is
what it means:

  Approved - blueprint has been approved for this milestone

  Pending Approval - waiting on a blueprint reviewer to follow up

  Review - waiting on the blueprint submitter to provide more
information.  Change to "Pending Approval" once you feel that the
information has been provided.

  Drafting - Details still being written up by the submitter, so the
blueprint has not been reviewed.  Update to "Pending Approval" when ready.

  Discussion - Blueprint approval hinges on the result of a discussion.
 The blueprint should contain a link to a mailing list thread discussing
the blueprint.  Once you feel the discussion has concluded and more
review is needed, update it to "Pending Approval".

  New - new blueprints that have not been triaged yet.  A blueprint
reviewer (member of nova-drivers) will triage it soon.

After this deadline, anything left in "Review, Drafting, or Discussion"
state will be moved to icehouse-3.


[1] https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/icehouse-2

Russell Bryant

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