[openstack-dev] [keystone][heat] ec2tokens, v3 credentials and request signing

Yee, Guang guang.yee at hp.com
Tue Dec 10 02:53:15 UTC 2013

There's a HMAC-based generic signature authentication plugin patch which
should meet your needs.


Now the hard part, code review. :)


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> Subject: [openstack-dev] [keystone][heat] ec2tokens, v3 credentials and
> request signing
> Hi all,
> I have some queries about what the future of the ec2tokens API is for
> keystone, context as we're looking to move Heat from a horrible mixture
> of
> v2/v3 keystone to just v3, currently I'm not sure we can:
> - The v3/credentials API allows ec2tokens to be stored (if you
>   create the access/secret key yourself), but it requires admin, which
>   creating an ec2-keypair via the v2 API does not?
> - There is no v3 interface for validating signed requests like you can
> via
>   POST v2.0/ec2tokens AFAICT?
> - Validating requests signed with ec2 credentials stored via
> v3/credentials
>   does not work, if you try to use v2.0/ec2tokens, should it?
> So my question is basically, what's the future of ec2tokens, is there
> some
> alternative in the pipeline for satisfying the same use-case?
> The main issues we have in Heat:
> - We want to continue supporting AWS style signed requests for our
>   cloudformation-compatible API, which is currently done via ec2tokens.
> - ec2 keypairs are currently the only method of getting a non-expiring
>   credential which we can deploy in-instance, that is no longer
> possible
>   via the v3 API for the reasons above.
> What is the recommended way for us to deploy a (non expiring)
> credential in
> an instance (ideally derived from a trust or otherwise role-limited),
> then
> use that credential to authenticate against our API?
> My first thought is that the easiest solution would be to allow trust
> scoped tokens to optionally be configured to not expire (until we
> delete
> the trust when we delete the Heat stack)?
> Can anyone offer any suggestions on a v3 compatible way to do this?
> I did start looking at oauth as a possible solution, but it seems the
> client support is not yet there, and there's no auth middleware we can
> use
> for authenticating requests containing oauth credentials, any ideas on
> the
> status of this would be most helpful!
> Thanks!
> Steve
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