[openstack-dev] [Solum] Using Zuul in the Git-pull blueprint

Roshan Agrawal roshan.agrawal at RACKSPACE.COM
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> Hi all,
> We had a very good meeting last week around the git-pull blueprint. During
> the discussion, Monty suggested using Zuul to manage the git repository
> access and workflow.
> While he is working on sending the group a diagram and description of what
> he has in mind, I had a couple of other questions which I am hoping the
> extended group will be able to answer.
> 1) Zuul is currently an infrastructure project.
> 	- Is there anything that prevents us from using it in Solum?
> 	- Does it need to be moved to a normal OpenStack project?
> 2) Zuul provides a sort of workflow engine. This workflow engine could
> potentially be used to initiate and manage: API Post -> git flow -> lang pack
> flow.
> 	- Have there been any discussion after the F2F where we have
> discussed using some other workflow engine?

There hasn't been further discussion since F2F.
Most of the processes in Solum will really be customizable workflows, and use of a generic workflow engine is definitely worth discussing. We may still use to leverage Zuul for the gerrit/git/checkin piece, but Solum will have workflow needs beyond that. 

> 	- Is Zuul's engine generic enough to be used in Solum? (Hoping
> Monty can help with this one)
> 		- Perhaps only use it to manage the API post -> git flow
> stages?
> Thanks
> -Krishna
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