[openstack-dev] [Neutron] Third-party testing

Yoshihiro Kaneko ykaneko0929 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 05:32:50 UTC 2013

Hi Neutron team,

I'm working on building Third-party testing for Neutron Ryu plugin.
I intend to use Jenkins and gerrit-trigger plugin.

It is required that Third-party testing provides verify vote for
all changes to a plugin/driver's code, and all code submissions
by the jenkins user.

For this requirements, what kind of filter for the trigger should
I set?
It is easy to set a file path of the plugin/driver:
  project: plain:neutron
  branch:  plain:master
  file:    path:neutron/plugins/ryu/**
However, this is not enough because it lacks dependencies.
It is difficult to judge a patchset which affects the plugin/driver.
In addition, gerrit trigger has a file path filter, but there is no
patchset owner filter, so it is not able to set a trigger to a
patchset which is submitted by the jenkins user.

Can Third-party testing execute tests for all patchset including the
thing which may not affect the plugin/driver?


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