[openstack-dev] [qa][keystone] Keystoneclient tests to tempest

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Sun Dec 8 23:20:29 UTC 2013


Thanks - I've been wanting to kill this for a long time. Thanks for
starting the discussion...

On 12/08/2013 07:26 PM, Brant Knudson wrote:
> We'd like to get the keystoneclient tests out of keystone. They're
> serving a useful purpose of catching problems with non-backwards
> compatible changes in keystoneclient so we still want them run. Problem
> is they're running at the wrong time -- only on changes to keystone and
> not changes to keystoneclient.
> The tests need to be run:
> When keystoneclient changes
>  - run the tests against the change
> When the tests change
>  - run the change against the current keystoneclient and also old clients
> When keystone changes
>  - run the tests against the change with current client

You're talking about this:


Which is almost ready to go.

> So here's what I think we need to do to get keystone client tests out of
> keystone:
>  1) Figure out where to put the tests - is it tempest or something else?

Tempest. They should be moved to tempest.

>  2) Write up a test and put it there
>  3) Have a job that when there's a change in the tests it runs against
> current client lib

Don't need most of that - the generalized "test clients against stable
versions" matrix is about to land - as long as tempest has your tests in
the scenarios, you'll be fine.

>  4) Expand the job to also run against old clients
>     - or is there 1 job per version?
>     - what versions? (keystone does master, essex-3, and 0.1.1)
>     - e.g. tox -e master,essex-3,0.1.1

essex and 0.1.1 are both older than dirt. We just removed folsom from
the gate. I'd got ahead and remove these.

>     - suggest start with these versions and then consider what to use in
> future

OpenStack has a clear support policy - the gate infrastructure will be
covering that. Done!

>  5) Now we can start adding tests

Tempest scenarios.

>  6) Have a job that when there's a change in keystoneclient it runs
> these tests against the change
>  7) When there's a change in keystone, run these tests against the change

Yup. Already accounted for.

>  8) Copy the keystoneclient tests from keystone to the new location --
> will require some changes
>  9) Remove the tests from keystone \o/
> 10) Move tests back to keystone where makes sense -- use webtest like v3
> tests
> I created an etherpad with this same info so it's easier to discuss:
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/KeystoneTestsToTempest
> - Brant
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