[openstack-dev] [olso] [cinder] upgrade issues in lock_path in cinder after oslo utils sync (was: creating a default for oslo config variables within a project?)

Ben Nemec openstack at nemebean.com
Fri Dec 6 21:38:16 UTC 2013


On 2013-12-06 15:14, Yuriy Taraday wrote: 

> Hello, Sean. 
> I get the issue with upgrade path. User doesn't want to update config unless one is forced to do so. 
> But introducing code that weakens security and let it stay is an unconditionally bad idea. 
> It looks like we have to weigh two evils: having troubles upgrading and lessening security. That's obvious. 
> Here are my thoughts on what we can do with it: 
> 1. I think we should definitely force user to do appropriate configuration to let us use secure ways to do locking. 
> 2. We can wait one release to do so, e.g. issue a deprecation warning now and force user to do it the right way later. 
> 3. If we are going to do 2. we should do it in the service that is affected not in the library because library shouldn't track releases of an application that uses it. It should do its thing and do it right (secure). 
> So I would suggest to deal with it in Cinder by importing 'lock_path' option after parsing configs and issuing a deprecation warning and setting it to tempfile.gettempdir() if it is still None.

This is what Sean's change is doing, but setting lock_path to
tempfile.gettempdir() is the security concern. 

Since there seems to be plenty of resistance to using /tmp by default,
here is my proposal: 

1) We make Sean's change to open files in append mode. I think we can
all agree this is a good thing regardless of any config changes. 

2) Leave lockutils broken in Icehouse if lock_path is not set, as I
believe Mark suggested earlier. Log an error if we find that
configuration. Users will be no worse off than they are today, and if
they're paying attention they can get the fixed lockutils behavior

3) Make an unset lock_path a fatal error in J. 

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