[openstack-dev] [heat] Heat API v2 - Removal of template_url?

ELISHA, Moshe (Moshe) moshe.elisha at alcatel-lucent.com
Thu Dec 5 16:11:37 UTC 2013


I really liked the v2 Heat API (as proposed in Create a new v2 Heat API<https://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/+spec/v2api>) and I think it makes a lot of sense.

One of the proposed changes is to "Remove template_url from the request POST", so the template will be passed using the "template" parameter in the request body.

Could someone please elaborate how exactly Heat Orchestration Templates written in YAML will be embedded in the body?

As I understand the YAML template should be inserted as string otherwise JSON parsers will not be able to parse the JSON body.
If indeed the template is inserted as string, as far as I know, JSON does not support multiline strings and the available workarounds are not so pretty and require escaping.
The escaping issue gets more complicated when "UserData" is used in the YAML.

Will the "template_url" be removed and if so how will the "template" contain the YAML template?

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