[openstack-dev] [neutron] Creating "recipes" for mimicking behavior of nova-networking network managers.

Brent Eagles beagles at redhat.com
Wed Dec 4 14:14:50 UTC 2013


As part of the Icehouse nova-networking parity effort, we need to 
describe how nova-networking managers work and how the behavior is 
mapped to neutron. The benefits are:

1. It aides migration: deployers who are nova-network savvy can see how 
functionality maps from one to the other.

2. It aides implementation: if we cannot provide a mapping, there is a 
breakage in parity and it needs to be addressed somehow.

3. It aides testing (and debugging): by illuminating points where the 
implementations differ, it makes it easier to design and implement tests 
that can be expected to function the same for each networking 

4. It aides acceptance: at some point, the proverbial *we* are going to 
decide whether neutron is ready to replace nova. The existence of 
working recipes is a pretty strong set of acceptance criteria.  Another 
way to look at it is that the recipes are essentially a high level 
description of how to go about manually testing parity.

5. It aides support and documentation efforts: nearly any point in the 
openstack user "spectrum" (casual experimenter to hard-core 
developer/implementer) who has anything to do with legacy deployments or 
parity itself will benefit from having these recipes on hand. NOT to 
mention the "rtfm" option when somebody asks "I'm using FlatManager in 
nova-network and want to do the same in neutron, how does that work?" (I 
love being able to write "rtfm", don't you?)

Sounds great!?! Cool! Do you want to help or know someone who does (or 
should - third-person volunteering not discouraged!)? We need 
nova-networking savvy and neutron savvy folks alike, though you need not 
necessarily be both at the same time.

As some of the aforementioned benefits are directly relevant to the 
Icehouse development cycle AND the holiday season is upon us, it is 
important to get the ball rolling ASAP. To be specific, working recipes 
are most valuable if they are available for Icehouse-2 (see reasons 2, 3 
and most importantly 4).

Please respond if interested, want to volunteer someone or have comments 
and suggestions.



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