[openstack-dev] [horizon] Enhance UX of Launch Instance Form

Gabriel pettier gabriel.pettier at cloudwatt.com
Tue Dec 3 16:49:29 UTC 2013

Hi there

I read the proposal and related documentation, and intend to start 
implementing it into horizon.


on Wed Nov 20 15:09:05 UTC 2013 C?dric Soulas Wrote
>Thanks for all the feedback on the "Enhance UX of launch instance form" subject and its prototype.
>Try the latest version of the prototype:
>This update was made after several discussion on those different channels:
>- openstack ux google group
>- launchpad horizon (and now launchpad openstack ux)
>- mailing list and IRC
>- the new ask bots for openstack UX
>We tried to write back most of discussions on ask bot, and are now focusing on this tool.
>Below a "digest" of those discussions, with links to ask bot (on each subject, there are links to related blueprints, google doc drafts, etc)
>= General topics =
>- Modals and supporting different screen sizes [2]
>  Current modal doesn't work well on the top 8 screen resolutions [2]
>  => Responsive and full screen modal added on the prototype [1]
>- Wizard mode for some modals [3]
>  => try the wizard [1]
>= Specific to "launch instance" =
>- Improve "boot source" options [4]
>  * first choose to boot from ephemeral or persistent disk
>  * if no ephemeral flavor are available, hide the selector
>  * group by "public", "project", "shared with me"
>  * warning message added for "delete on terminate" option (when boot from persistent)
>- Scaling the flavor list [5]
>  * sort the columns of the table. In particular: by name.
>  * group of flavor list (for example: "performance", "standard"...)?
>- Scaling the image list [5]
>  * a scrollbar on the image list
>  * limit the number of list items and add a "x more instance snapshots - See more" line
>  * a search / filter feature would be great, like discussed at the "scaling horizon" design session
>- Step 1 / Step 2 workflow: when the user click on "select" from one boot source item it goes directly to the step 2.
>  If it goes back from step 2 to step 1:
>  * the text "Please select a boot source" would be replaced with a "Next" button
>  * the button "select" on the selected boot source item would be replaced with a check-mark (or equivalent).
>  * the user would still have the possibility to select another boot source
>- flavor depending on image requirements and quotas available: 
>   * this a very good point, lot of things to discuss about
>   => should open a separate thread on this
>- Network: still a work in progress
>  * if a single choice: then make it default choice
>- Several wording updates ("cancel", "ephemeral boot source", ...)
>[1] http://cedricss.github.io/openstack-dashboard-ux-blueprints/launch-instance
>[2] http://ask-openstackux.rhcloud.com/question/11/modals-and-supporting-different-screen-sizes/
>[3] http://ask-openstackux.rhcloud.com/question/81/wizard-ui-for-workflow
>[4] http://ask-openstackux.rhcloud.com/question/13/improve-boot-source-ux-ephemeral-vs-persistent-disk/
>[5] http://ask-openstackux.rhcloud.com/question/12/enhance-the-selection-of-a-flavor-and-an-image/
Gabriel Pettier
Software Engineer at CloudWatt.com 

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