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Jaromir Coufal jcoufal at redhat.com
Tue Dec 3 08:36:23 UTC 2013

Hey OpenStackers,

based on the latest discussions, it was asked if we can try to post 
regular updates of what is happening in our community (mostly on Askbot 
forum: http://ask-openstackux.rhcloud.com).

In this e-mail, I'd like to summarize ongoing issues and try to cover 
updates weekly (or each 14 days - based on content).

Issues by priority:
** TripleO UI - Resource Management:* 
     - TripleO UI is close to start to be implemented - we really need 
to get resource on this topics
     - Resource Management is about to start - it was already reviewed 
without any bigger objections, there are just smaller updates
** TripleO UI - Deployment Management:* 
     - Deployment Management is completely new section
     - Implementation needs to start ASAP
     - At the moment the concept is the most important, so we don't have 
major changes later
     - We can get into granular details later
     - Review review review please
** Horizon - Navigation:* 
     - After couple of proposals and discussions, at summit we decided 
to go for vertical navigation
     - Updated Vertical navigation proposal (wireframes)
** Horizon - Information Architecture: 
     - Thanks to David we have updated IA and need more eyes on it
     - Anybody who is dealing with adding features to Horizon, please 
have a look, feedback is warmly welcome

Other also important topics:
----------------------- (without any specific order)
** OpenStack Personas*: 
     - Couple of months ago there started initiative to create OpenStack 
     - Based on Dave's document, Ju started the thread to move this 
effort forward (should hep in various areas)
     - Matt shared with us their document for 3 personas which is very 
     - Any other insights are very welcome
** Horizon - Updating Modals layout:* 
     - Modals are not using the screen efficiently
     - Proposal for modal vs. embedded view (agreed on keeping modal)
     - We need to get updated characteristics for improving the layout 
of modal window
** Horizon - Improve 'Launching Instance' workflow*
     - Based on Cedric's proposal we have couple of topics to discuss 
around improving a UX of instance launching workflow
     * Horizon - Improve selection of flavor and image: 
     * Horizon - Improve Boot source selection: 
** Horizon - Where to use wizards:* 
     - Toshi started very useful discussion about where the wizards are 
** Horizon - Mobile UI: 
     - Maxim started to move forward Mobile UI for Horizon, they already 
have HTML5 prototype, check it out
** TripleO UI - Node / Rack / Resource class details**:* 
     - Liz and I, we put together set of wireframes for infrastructure 
detail pages
     - However, this one needs to be updated based on latest direction
     - We will re-use node details at the moment (racks and classes are 
** Horizon - Overview enhancements: 
     - Liz put together proposal for improving Horizon's Overview page
** Horizon - Icon set for instance actions*: 
     - Garry is proposing to use icons instead of dropdown for instance 
     - There is ongoing discussion about how to visualize Instance objects

For the first bit, it was a little bit longer e-mail, but I hope it is 
useful for you. If you have any proposal or feedback to this format, 
please share it.

Everybody interested in helping UX efforts to move forward, you are the 
most certainly welcome

-- Jarda

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