[openstack-dev] [Nova] New API requirements, review of GCE

Eric Windisch eric at cloudscaling.com
Mon Dec 2 19:06:50 UTC 2013

I'd like to move this conversation along. It seems to have both
stalled and digressed.

> Just like with compute drivers, the raised bar applies to existing
> drivers, not just new ones.  We just gave a significant amount of
> lead-time to reach it.

I agree with this. The bar needs to be raised. The Tempest tests we
have should be passing. If they can't pass, they shouldn't be skipped,
the underlying support in Nova should be fixed. Is anyone arguing
against this?

The GCE code will need Tempest tests too (thankfully, the proposed
patches include Tempest tests). While it might be an even greater
uphill battle for GCE, versus EC2, to gain community momentum, it
cannot ever gain that momentum without an opportunity to do so. I
agree that Stackforge might normally be a reasonable path here, but I
agree with Mark's reservations around tracking the internal Nova APIs.

> I'm actually quite optimistic about the future of EC2 in Nova.  There is
> certainly interest.  I've followed up with Rohit who led the session at
> the design summit and we should see a sub-team ramping up soon.  The
> things we talked about the sub-team focusing on are in-line with moving

It sounds like the current model and process, while not perfect, isn't
too dysfunctional. Attempting to move the EC2 or GCE code into a
Stackforge repository might kill them before they can reach that bar
you're looking to set.

What more is needed from the blueprint or the patch authors to proceed?

Eric Windisch

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