[openstack-dev] [Olso][DB] Remove eventlet from oslo.db

Victor Sergeyev vsergeyev at mirantis.com
Mon Dec 2 14:02:53 UTC 2013

Hi folks!

At the moment I and Roman Podoliaka are working on splitting of
openstack.common.db code into a separate library. And it would be nice to
drop dependency on eventlet before oslo.db is released.

Currently, there is only one place in oslo.db where we use eventlet -
wrapping of DB API method calls to be executed by tpool threads. It wraps
DB API calls to be executed by tpool threads. This is only needed when
eventlet is used together with DB-API driver implemented as a Python C
extension (eventlet can't monkey patch C code, so we end up with DB API
calls blocking all green threads when using Python-MySQLdb). eventlet has a
workaround known as 'tpool' which is basically a pool of real OS threads
that can play nicely with eventlet event loop. tpool feature is
experimental and known to have stability problems. There is a doubt that
anyone is using it in production at all. Nova API (and probably other API
services) has an option to prefork the process on start, so that they don't
need to use tpool when using eventlet together Python-MySQLdb.

We'd really like to drop tpool support from oslo.db, because as a library
we should not be bound to any particular concurrency model. If a target
project is using eventlet, we believe, it is its problem how to make it
play nicely with Python-MySQLdb lib, but not the problem of oslo.db.
Though, we could put tpool wrapper into another helper module within

But we would really-really like not to have any eventlet related code in

Are you using CONF.database.use_tpool in production? Does the approach with
a separate tpool wrapper class seem reasonable? Or we can just drop tpool
support at all, if no one is using it?

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